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David Beaulieu Abdelahad


Born: Québec, Canada

Technical degree in Chemistry-Biology (2003)

Ahuntsic College, Montreal, Québec, Canada


B.Sc. in Biotechnologies, concentration in Molecular biology (2007)

Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

After moving to Florida from Montréal/Québec in 2008, I applied my skillset in the Alzheimer's Disease field and have been doing so ever since. The research projects I have been part of range from in vitro to in vivo studies looking at the origins and the biochemical consequences of AD, focusing on brain inflammation and drug screening as the first steps to search for treatment. I have also been part of studying various chaperone proteins (sHSP) involved in the folding of Tau and their contribution to the disease. In Dr. Thinakaran's lab, I will also be in vitro/in vivo, looking at the influence of the adaptor protein BIN1 as the most significant GWAS identified gene in late-onset AD.

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