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Ari Sudwarts    -  Post-doctoral Scholar


Born: London, UK


B.Sc. Psychology with Neuroscience (2010)

University of Westminster, London, UK


M.Sc. Biomedical and Molecular Sciences Research (2012)

King’s College London, London, UK


Ph.D. Biological Sciences (molecular neurobiology) (2017)

Queen Mary, University of London, London, UK

During my undergraduate studies, I developed a fascination with the complexities of neurodegenerative disease pathologies. I followed this interest during my master’s degree, undertaking a project to investigate the effects of proteins related to Alzheimer’s-like diseases and traumatic brain injury on neurite outgrowth and molecular regulation in cortical neuronal cultures. My Ph.D. work continued in a similar vein, investigating molecular dysregulations and behavioural phenotypes in zebrafish which transgenically expressed human APP, or were exposed to a neurotoxin which affects APP processing (aluminium chloride). Within the Thinakaran group, I investigate the cell-type-specific function of BIN1 using conditional knock-out mice.

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