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Mitchell Hansen


Born: Indianapolis, Indiana


B.S. Neuroscience (2016)

Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

For my undergraduate thesis project in the Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab, I used fMRI techniques to study how block building could improve the spatial reasoning skills in second and third graders. In the Cannabinoid Physiology Lab, we studied properties of cannabinoids and their alleviating effects on glaucoma using fluorescent immunohistochemistry. After my graduation, I gained experience in histology while working at Covance for a year. I have always had a fascination with neurodegenerating diseases, and so much more needs to be discovered to halt the debilitating symptoms that we see in Alzheimer’s. In Dr. Thinakaran’s lab, I am managing the mouse colony and continuing to expand my research knowledge while helping out post-docs and my lab peers.

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