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Om Patel


Born: Tampa, Florida


In a far-off land, amidst the towering spires of the University of South Florida, I, a humble undergraduate student, embarked upon a grand quest to unravel the secrets of the brain. Even in my earliest days, I was awestruck by the power and mystery of this organ, which governs our waking moments and shapes our very identities. As I delved deeper into my Biomedical Sciences and Sociology major, my fascination with the brain only grew stronger. It's intricate workings and enigmatic complexities called out to me, beckoning me to explore further. And so, I dedicated myself to learning all that I could about this wondrous organ. But it was the cruel scourge of Alzheimer's disease that truly captured my heart. The mere thought of timeless memories fading away into oblivion filled me with a burning desire to take up arms against this insidious foe. And so, I pledged myself to the cause of unlocking the secrets of this dread affliction, determined to do my part in the fight against it. And now, my journey has led me to the hallowed halls of the Thinakaran lab. Here, amidst the bubbling vats of bubbling chemicals and arcane machines, I shall continue my quest to bring light to the darkness and find a cure for this fearsome foe. For I am a warrior of the mind, a champion of the brain, and nothing shall stand in my way!

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