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Jeffrey Lenz


Born: Boulder, Colorado, USA

B.S. Psychology, Minor Biochemistry (2011)

Arizona State University, USA


M.S. Neuroscience (2015)

University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA


My graduate thesis work looked at selective optogenetic excitation or inhibition of D1 or D2 containing medium spiny neurons in models of cocaine addiction and the possible underlying epigenetic mechanisms. My post-graduate research experience included projects looking at roles of HDACs in L-Dopa induced dyskinesia, the role of GluA2 containing glutamate receptor trafficking in cocaine self-administration models, and PKMζ’s role and potential cellular mechanism in cocaine reinstatement.  I am excited to expand my experience into neurodegenerative work. In Dr. Thinakaran’s lab, I will be assisting our amazing post-docs and lab staff, providing my expertise, especially in behavioral testing, molecular techniques, and optogenetics.

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